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Omega Pillow


The Omega pillow is the ultimate patented cervical pillow for those seeking head, neck, and shoulders support, alignment and stability while sleeping. The unique design of the pillow is composed of an elongated body connected to a C-shape body. 


The elongated body of the pillow fits directly below the neck to separate the shoulders from the neck and head. It also works as a neck traction device that reduces the pressure between the cervical vertebrae.  


The  C-shape provides stability by holding the cranium while supine and sleeping. Even if you are a back or a side sleeper the head should always lie down in the loophole.

This pillow is medically recommended for all types of sleepers, people with disorders of the spine, sleep apnea patients that use CPAP machines, and people recovering from surgeries. 


It is made of high-quality memory foam and includes a breathable cover that can be removed for easy wash.

To be effective this is a stand-alone pillow. You cannot use it face down. 

Pillow size: 19"x16"x 4" (50cm x 41cm x 12cm)