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Spine Reliver Bed Wedge

Disponible en Tienda
  • PREMIUM COMFORT. This premium bed wedge cushion utilizes BifomPad technology: a layer of memory foam over firm-support base foam. The memory foam layer creates a custom contour with the user’s body, relieving pain and discomfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE. This incline pillow can be used in two positions: 30° for reclining or 60° for sitting more upright. The movable neck roll attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners and provides cervical support.
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT. Ergonomically shaped polyurethane foam core provides cushioning and lower back support.
  • VELOUR/TWILL COVER. Removable, washable cover made with soft velour fabric on contact surfaces and rugged twill on non-contact regions for extended durability.
  • EXPANDABLE. Using this Deluxe Bed Wedge in conjunction with the BetterRest Memory Leg Wedge (sold separately) allows the user to achieve a zero-gravity position, minimizing pressure at all contact points.